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Among the characteristics that a company must possess in order to consolidate and become a staple of the industry is the ability to live the present by facing changes and challenges in advance.

Since the end of the nineties, Moka JEnne has shown an uncommon sensitivity and foresight, giving life to a project that would lead the company to actively contribute to environmental protection: the choice led to dedicating a part of the production to certified organic coffees, a commitment to favor biodiversity in respect of the territories of origin of coffee.

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Biochicco  was born from this experience. The result is a selection of blends characterized by the uniqueness of aromas and flavors, the result of an exclusively natural production process.

Sweet and intense aroma.
Balanced acidity in the cup,
with fruity and bitter chocolate notes.

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100% Organic Arabica

Full and delicate aroma. In the cup a sweet acidity with notes of fruit and honey.

Organic decaffeinated

A full aroma, a delicate cup with hints of caramel and cocoa.

The world of

For the industry, becoming part of the Biochicco world means joining a conscious lifestyle and an innovative way of understanding the coffee shop that combines quality, values and attention to health that meets the demands of an increasingly sensitive clientele. The wide selection of Biochicco products also includes decaffeinated, ginseng, barley and sugar. Displays, furnishing accessories and textures complete the range of coordinated elements to customize your shop according to the organic philosophy of our roasting company.

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