Moka J-Enne is an historical coffee roastery founded in Tuscany by Jacopo Niccolai since 1878 and part of U.I.S.I

(The Italian Historic Companies Association).

MokaJenne is a company of people, from its founder Jacopo Niccolai, to the latest generations of the Cappellini family, passing through each  one of its collaborators, everyone contributed to writing a important page in the history of MokaJEnne. This wealth of knowledge and skills has come to us thanks to over 100-year-old companies such as the MokaJEnne roasting company, one of the first coffee roasters in Italy

A roasting company with
the right mix of technology
and craftsmanship

We provide a wide range of coffee
products and formats for any market:


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The quality of the merchandising
and communication allows you
to “customize” the stores,

in order to make the serving of coffee not
only a pleasure, but also a unique experience
in an environment with attention
to every detail.

Organic Coffee

Among the characteristics that a company
must possess in order to consolidate
and become a staple of the industry is the
ability to live the present by facing
changes and challenges in advance.

Since the end of the nineties, Moka
JEnne has shown an uncommon sensitivity
and foresight, giving life to a project that
would lead the company to actively
contribute to environmental protection:
the choice led to dedicating a part of the
production to certified organic coffees,
a commitment to favor biodiversity
in respect of the territories of origin
of coffee.

Further informations
and contacts
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