MyClub1878 is the MokaJEnne line dedicated to those who don’t want to give up the pleasure of a good coffee at any time of the day: a real club of coffee lovers, enthusiasts who seek the pure pleasure of treating themselves with a unique moment. Enjoying it in solitude or   sharing it with others.


macchina eva espresso

In “MyClub1878” coffee capsule system, MokaJEnne has transferred its tradition of crafting coffee blends and its way of living coffee, which combines ancient values and modern scenarios. The “MyClub1878” capsules and “Mia”, the coffee machine by MokaJEnne, have been developed to get the best results inside the cup and are packaged in a protected atmosphere, for the best organoleptic conservation.

Thanks to “MyClub1878” you can treat yourself with a different pleasure each time by choosing from the capsules of: Crema S, the historic blend of MokaJenne; Intense, a full-bodied and energetic espresso; Organic, a blend of certified organic selections produced according to natural methods; Decaffeinated, a real MokaJEnne espresso but low in caffeine; Tea, for a sweet and delicate break in the company of the aroma of black tea and the freshness of lemon; Barley, a natural, delicate and aromatic drink, without caffeine and with a reduced fats intake; Ginseng, a perfect combination of the creaminess of coffee and the vitality of the famous Asian root.

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